Traditional, open surgery required a 6-inch incision into soft tissue to access the spine during surgery. Because of the large incision, this surgery took many months for a full recovery. Soft tissues and muscle need time to heal during this period. Minimally invasive techniques use several small incisions in the torso. Doctors place their tools in the openings and perform the surgery with the help of a tiny camera guiding their view. The lack of soft tissue damage makes minimally invasive techniques easier on the body, allowing for fast recuperation.
Although you’ll be given pain medication, minimally invasive surgery has less pain associated with it. After one to two weeks, office workers could conceivably return to a part-time position. For other workers, full activity is often achieved after a six week recovery period. Each patient has varying healing times, so it is critical to work with your doctor to form a unique recovery plan and ensure proper health.

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