Research shows that patients who take part in decisions about their health care are more likely to have better outcomes. The more information patients have about health care, the better they can make decisions about what is best for them.

Work with your doctor and other healthcare professionals, and participate in all decisions about your treatment.

  • Keep records about your medical history and share up-to-date details with your healthcare team. Your medical history includes:
    • Any medical conditions and illnesses
    • Immunizations
    • Allergies, reactions and sensitivities
    • Past hospitalizations
    • Other doctors treating you
    • Medications and dietary supplements (i.e., vitamins, herbal products).
  • You and your doctor should agree about exactly what will be done during each step of your care.
  • Know who will take care of you, how long treatment will last, and how you should feel.
  • Ask to speak with other people who have undergone a procedure you are considering. They can help you prepare for what to expect and the best ways to recover.
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